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About Us

GoNepalTrip provides you with catered services when traveling to Nepal and abroad.

Our main motive is to ease up your traveling and take up all your hectic work of making an itinerary by providing you exotic locales, cities, momentous places, and other famous points at hand reach with propitious assistance of GoNeplaTrip.com.

Custom Travel Experiences

Nowadays, travelers are preferring trips with an itinerary that focuses on schedules, the interest of individuals and needs instead of packed tours.

Well, some of the most meaningful travel experiences are those that immerse you in a personal passion that too when we live in a world so magnificent that is full of charm, green nature, beauty, and adventure. There is no closure to the experiences we can have if we just look for them with our eyes open.


Building Memories

The world is a big fat book which when read gives you different level chills and those who don’t travel read only one page of it, so get up and explore the world.

No Distance Is too Far

People are now looking for trips with meaningful experience.





WE Got You Covered


Take no worries but memories because we provide you the most comfortable and beautiful journey to Nepal.


Endangered Wildlife

Create beautiful memories with a jungle safari and experience the wildlife of Nepal with us.

Eco lodges & tours

We provide the best hotel facilities depending upon the budgets of our clients. Experience the best stay with us.

Epic journeys

The world is an unopened book and only the one who travels can experience the smell of its new pages. So come and explore new pages with us.

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